Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stonewall Sensation Week 7

I just wanted to say thank you to my little spies who reported back to me on last nights Stonewall Sensation. I will be back next week, and ready to go.

Reported By Agent 008
Last nights placements were as follows:

In the number 1 position after last week Alex Amirosa with 42 votes

In the bottom two:

Sarah Cummings
Bradley Zellars

Bradley was eliminated with only 16 votes

This weeks themes were
1) A rock song performed with Kat Sherrell on the piano
2) A Jackson song performed with a track

Sara Straw sang:
1) Paint it Black by the rolling stones: Judges said the song was good for her range but definitely needs to work on her confidence you can really see she has the talent, the looks but is lacking the self esteem( Sara AGREES)
2) For her Michael Jackson song she sang "Billie Jean" Judges liked the performance and stated that it was definitely better than her first song of the night. It fit her voice well.

Creighton Fraker:
1) Call me by Blondie ( JUDGES loved it) they were memorized, entertained and he was just amazing.
2) Who's loving you (jackson song)...judges loved his interpretation of the song and all around the boards and in the audience everyone couldn't get over how much he showcased his talents last night "Will the real Creighton Please stand up" and last night he did taller than anyone.

Sarah Cummings:
1) Aerosmith "Cryin" Judges raved about her voice but Adam stated he is going to start getting a little nit-picky because she is so good but well of course everyone loved her and her american apparel outfits.
2) I get so lonely by Janet Jackson---judges loved the song but some thought it was just a little to boring for a Jackson song since there was so many other good choices out there.

Alex Amarosa:
1. Some song by Heart
2. Ben by Michael Jackson

Jeff Jones:
1. Faithfully by Journey
2. I want you back by the Jackson 5

Next weeks topics are:
1) An inspirational song of your choice with Kat on piano
2) Duets!!! With Kat on the piano.
Match ups are:
Sara Straw and Creighton Fraker singing "Take Me or Leave Me" from Rent
Alex Amirosa and Sarah Cumings singing "Separate Lives" Phil Colins
Jeff Jones with special returning winner of season 5 singer Brooke Ishibashi singing "A Whole New World"

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