Friday, December 3, 2010

Stonewall Sensation Week 10

It's exciting that after 10 or so weeks we are coming close to crowning a winner of Stonewall Sensation. I have really enjoyed the experience of watching, and getting to know the contestants, their friends, the judges and the random people who have stumbled onto our little competition. I do have to say that I have not enjoyed the following morning when I have to work at 7a completely exhausted and hung-over. Before I give the run down I just want to say thank you to all of the remaining competitors and the those who have been eliminated, you all showed amazing grace, talent and determination throughout this adventure.

Good Luck to you all.

Stonewall Sensation Week 10

Staff and Such
Host- Brandon Cutrell: Cabaret Host and Hoosier at Large.
Tickling the Ivories-Kat Shurelle: Lobby Pianist Virtuoso, Blogger ( and all around cool hip cat.
DJ- CT: Handsome Clove Smoking guy giving the contestants their voices.
Bartenders- Mike and Lawrence.
( I must give a shout out to these guys, these two are some of New York City's finest. Even with at times 6, 7 people deep at the bar, they maintain a friendly approachable countenance, even when there are assholes at the bar these two know how to keep everyone happy and drunk.)

Miss Fire Island 1776: Ariel Sinclair
Comic and Firebrand: Poppi Kramer
T.O.N.Y.Theater Critic and Nudnik: Adam Feldman

Note: I missed the first round of the show due to the fact that I along with Rhett were stuck at the Foxwoods Theater trying to turn off the dark with Spiderman, that review to follow shortly.

Week 10 Contestants:
Sara Straw
Sarah Cummings
Jeff Jones
Creighton Fraker

1. (1) New Song
2. (1) Song already performed
3. (1) Judges choice Song

Round 1: New Song
1. Sara Straw: Beautiful Disaster; Kelly Clarkson
2. Jeff Jones: No Air; Jordan Sparks
3. Sarah Cummings: Beautiful; Christina Aguilera
4. Creighton Fraker: Alone; Heart

Round 2: Song Performed Already in the Competition
1. Sara Straw: Someday; The Wedding Singer the Musical
- This was a great redemption song for Sara, she originally sang the song during a bought with a sever chest cold. The judges felt that she should have picked a different song that could have shown off her talent. I enjoyed the song it's a sweet number and she added a little of her own bit of sugar to it.
2. Jeff Jones: Aquarius/ The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In); Hair- If you can sing this song well and have even an ounce of energy, you can get the audience going. Jeff Jones has the energy and the vocal power to pull this song off and get the crowd on their feet dancing singing and if it were allowed spark a DOOBY. Jeff has consistently been great this whole season, even with unfamiliar songs or genres. I have been a fan of his throughout the competition.
3. Sarah Cummings: Like a Prayer; Madonna- Sarah once again delivers a another solid performance.
4. Creighton Fraker: Wagon Wheel; Old Crow Medicine Show- O.K. so by now you have read my ranting and ribbing on this kid, and I have been verbally knocked around by Rhett saying that I don't know shit, and Creighton is amazing. In my own defense I have to say that I don't dislike him personally it's just the whole Johnny one tone aspect to his voice that bugs me. This song in particular had the makings of annoying the hell out of me, but I have to say I REALLY enjoyed his performance it was rocking and rolling, he added a cute guitar playing dude (with his own beer holster) to jazz up the piece. What I really liked about it was that he worked the arrangement around a bit, the original song a bit of a slower pace to it but Creighton sped it up a bit for an easily bored crowed at Stonewall. All of the Judges enjoyed his performance and two of the judges suggested to Creighton to not be afraid to leave his head voice and go into his chest voice. Great Performance Man!!!!!!

Round 3: Judges Pick
1. Sara Straw: Firework, Katy Perry; Picked by Poppi Kramer- I could tell that Sara was not very comfortable with this song and she struggled through it. The one thing I have to say about Miss. Straw is that she is not a professional singer. Poppi said it best that Sara is not a professional this is not her chosen career, but she likes to sing, she can sing, and decided WTF I am going to do this contest, and here is Sara down to the final four. Congrats Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Jeff Jones: Waterfalls, TLC; Picked by Adam Feldman- Yet again Jeff brought the crowd to their feet with this great version of a classic song. Getting into the grove and feeling the music Jeff channeled his inner Ghetto Girl, patted his weave and Brought IT. What was great was that it seemed like he would skip the "Rap" solo by Left Eye, but…he…didn't….. winding up for the big moment Jeff reaches up to his face and just below his left eye smears some black make-up under his left eye and goes into the best Left Eye rap I have ever heard a white boy do(which is not a lot). The audience lost their SHIT!!!!!!! Yesssss Queeen!!!!! Great job Jeff you really are a great showman I hope I have the pleasure of seeing you perform again the future.
3. Sarah Cummings: Superstar, The Carpenters; Picked by Ariel Sinclair- Miss Cummings, has a quality about her voice that makes her very easy to listen to and one of the top performers in this compititon. I hope that she will continue her pursuit of singing after this competion, take a few more voice lessons to help her fine tune her skills and I know we will see great things from her.
4. Creighton Fraker: A case of you, Joni Mitchell; Picked by Brandon Cutrell- This has always been one of those songs that I have liked from the first time I heard it but forget about it until I hear it somewhere random. The simple sweetness of the song with that underlying bitter sweet heart break and yearning just reaches in into your soul and rummages around. I was very impressed with Creighton for pulling this song off. There were a few high and freaky hard notes to pull off and one could go just horrible with it, but Creighton really held his own. This folksy type hippy chick music is perfect for his vocal register. Good Job Man.

The judges did an amazing job at picking songs for our contestants, each one gave I think some of their best performances to date. I am excited to see who will win this contest.

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